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Workplace Etiquette: Personal Growth for Professional Success

Workplace Etiquette: Personal Growth for Professional Success

Life Etiquette Expert Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) gave an inspiring keynote speech for students and staff at Century College’s 2017 Student Success Day.  Following the speech, students stood in line to Ask Ms. J individual questions and shared with her how much her speech inspired them.

Following are a couple of excerpts from Ms. J’s message on Workplace Etiquette: Personal Growth for Professional Success:

Get to know YOU! Getting to know yourself will help you to determine how you are going to “show up” in the world.

Consider taking a personality assessment. The insights and  information that  you will find out about yourself will help you to know you better, and therefore it will help you to navigate the world in such a way that it is to your personal and professional advantage.

Knowing yourself will give you the confidence to be the best you in any situation.  You will be in a better position to express yourself, articulate your needs, your likes, dislikes and opinions in an intelligent way.

Invest in you. Get to know you. Invest time, and money if needed, for self-improvement.  Take a class that interests you.  Take a class that you’d rather not take, but you know the information will be valuable toward your long-term goals.  Be willing to put yourself in places you’ve never been, and around people you’ve never met. Exercise, eat right and take care of your mental and emotional health.

If you are lacking in the soft skills that employers are looking for, then work on improving and developing those skills right along with your career skills.

Increase your social capital by boosting your social portfolio.  Your social portfolio includes all of your social connections.  Whether family, friends, co-workers or clients…they can all lead you to other connections and other opportunities.