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Since 2009, Eagles Wings LLC has worked with the criminal justice system to provide programs for Corrections and other related areas.

Eagles Wings LLC Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) Series for Correctional Institutions begins with assessing participants’ levels of social awareness and knowledge, then providing the social, business, and life skills that are essential for successful re-entry into work, family, school, and community life.

“Oftentimes when professionals enter into a correctional facility, they come with caution and trepidation… Ms. Mitchell presents herself with a level of comfort and confidence that fosters positive interaction and participation. Ms. Mitchell presents these very essential life-skills in such a highly interactive and engaging way that the participants not only “get it’ but also have fun in the process.”

“Lawrence Hart”- Dakota County Sherriff’s Detention Services

Correctional officials report a positive change in behavior – inmates confidence increases, interactions with others are polite and respectful, and inmates feel more prepared to tackle new work and life challenges after they are paroled.


Samples of Programs Recommended for Correctional Institutions:

  • Getting to Know Yourself – Self-Identity and Awareness
  • Demystifying the Introduction
  • Improve Your Communication, Improve Your Relationships
  • Everyday Etiquette
  • Personal Appearance
  • Business and Interview Etiquette
  • Dining and Social Etiquette

“Taking your class really gave me a different outlook on life. During the course of this class I learned how to carry myself like a real gentlemen, I learned how to tie a tie, I also learned how to meet and greet people and many more things that make me a better person – for that I say thanks for everything.”

“Inmate”- Dakota County Sherriff’s Detention Services

“Juliet, the work you are doing with the women is magical. Their transformation at their presentation was undeniable. I was surprised at how professional they looked, and talked; and such solid handshakes and eye contact! For these women and where they come from and what they have experienced, you are doing wonders. Thank you for caring about them and presenting information in a way they are able to hear and feel good about what their potential is.”

“Nancy Carkhuff“ – Restorative Counseling and Community Services

Correctional Institutions Client List:

  • Dakota County Sherriff’s Detention Services
  • Dayton’s Bluff Community Center
  • Model Cities, Inc.
  • Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative
  • Restorative Counseling and Community Services

Presentations, Workshops and Seminar Topics can be tailored to meet your needs

To learn more about our services or to arrange social or business etiquette and professional development services, please contact us.