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Eagles Wings LLC Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) programs address the causes and costly damages of incivility, disrespect and rude behavior in the workplace.

From newly-hired personnel to emerging professionals and all levels of managers, incivility in the workplace is an issue that cannot be ignored.

shutterstock_158050796Did you know that incivility or the lack of manners and respect in the workplace, contributes to employee resentment and dissatisfaction? This permeates every aspect of the business, including important customer interactions which of course affect the bottom line or profitability. In fact, recent studies have shown that 83% of employees believe it is important to work in a civil environment, yet, unfortunately, 12% of both new and seasoned employees leave companies because of this lack of civility.

In other words, Eagles Wings, LLC’s Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) workshops can affect a business’s bottom line. By helping employees navigate the challenges of human interaction and customer satisfaction, businesses see improved employee and customer retention rates. Other outcomes that affect the bottom line include decreased absences associated with inappropriate workplace behaviors, and a reduction in formal claims against colleagues and employers related to inappropriate behaviors.

Samples of Programs Recommended for Corporations and Businesses:

  • Life Etiquette Skills in Business and Social Settings
  • Business Dining and Table Etiquette
  • Business Travel Etiquette
  • Handling Upward Mobility with Poise and Confidence
  • The Etiquette of Technology and Social Media
  • Etiquette Consideration for the Intergenerational Workforce
  • The 24/7 Professional
  • Enhancing Your Professional Image

Corporate Clients:

  • Benson Medical Instruments
  • Minnesota Social Services Association – MSSA
  • Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • Restorative Counseling and Community Services

Programs for an intergenerational workforce – emerging professionals, managers and corporate executives – can be customized to meet your needs.

To learn more about our services or to arrange social or business etiquette and professional development services, please contact us.