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Community & Nonprofit Organizations

Studies have shown that workplace attitudes, behaviors and actions affect a company’s bottom line. The same is true of both community and nonprofit organizations.

Eagles Wings, LLC’s Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) Series for Community and Nonprofit Organizations focuses on helping organizations meet their overall mission goals and specific program objectives. By using the SELE™ principles as they relate to the organization’s staff, client base, board of directors, and funders, these organizations are better positioned for stability and increased funding potential.

Staff and Leadership Development for Community and Nonprofit Organizations

  • Workplace Relationships
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Diversity and Cultural Considerations
  • Maintaining Dignity in Difficult Situations

Programs for Clients Served by Community and Nonprofit Organizations

  • Getting Ready to Get Ready – What to Know Before the Job Search Begins
  • Interview Etiquette – From Start to Finish
  • Workplace Etiquette – Professionalism in the Workplace
  • Business Etiquette and Social Savvy – Making the Connection
  • Diversity and Cultural Considerations
  • The Etiquette of Technology and Social Media
  • Maintaining Dignity in Difficult Situations

Youth Programs for Community and Nonprofit Organizations

Life etiquette is critical for healthy youth development. Understanding these lessons throughout their development creates an important foundation for making wise and responsible decisions as young people mature and enter the job market. Eagles Wings, LLC’s Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) provides interactive and engaging sessions specifically designed for youth in the areas of job readiness, job retention and essential life skills.

  • Essential Life Etiquette
    • Social Etiquette
    • Netiquette and Social Media Etiquette
    • Communication Etiquette
    • Relationship Etiquette
  • Job Readiness and Retention
  • Professionalism 101
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Self-Discovery
  • Healthy Lifestyle

“Juliet is gifted at sharing uplifting ways for those in her charge to interact personally and professionally for the benefit of the person as well as the community; her work is a brilliant example of individual and collective–family and societal–development.”

“Subira Kifano” – Professional Educator

“I have had the pleasure to work with Juliet on several community projects related to youth development and teen pregnancy prevention, primarily in Saint Paul and Ramsey County. She has a strong youth development background, and is well-respected by her peers and the youth groups she works with. She has excellent organizational and communication skills and can always be counted on to pitch in 100% to complete any effort. Her kind and gentle nature is always truly genuine and welcoming to all she encounters.”

“Jan Hayne” – Dads Make a Difference

Community and Nonprofit Organizations Client List:

  • Burnsville Alternative High School
  • Camphor Foundation
  • Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church
  • Celebration of Change
  • Dayton’s Bluff Community Center
  • Girl Scouts Minnesota River Valleys
  • Girls In Action
  • Healthy Start – Minneapolis
  • Leap Forward Collaborative for Youth
  • Minnesota Community Education
  • Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Minnesota Social Services Association
  • Minnesota United Methodist Church
  • Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • Neighborhood House
  • North Saint Paul High School
  • ROOF Project
  • St. Paul Public Schools
  • YWCA St. Paul

“I enjoyed learning proper etiquette today. I liked learning how to shake someone’s hand.”

“CM”- Girl Scout – Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

“Being a parent of a child who attended UJIMA for 5 years, I have the utmost respect for Ms. Juliet Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell works well with people from all ages groups and from diverse backgrounds. She is a pillar to the community.”

“Pamela Henderson Turner”- Volunteer and Parent

“Juliet is the consummate professional. She provided effective workshop facilitation for groups of male juvenile offenders who at times were reluctant to participate in programming. Juliet is persistent, personable, patient, and efficient. She was able to engage every participant and produce great results. I would hire her again without reservation.”

“Jabari Barner”- Certified Student Attorney

Presentations, Workshops and Seminar Topics can be tailored to meet your needs

To learn more about our services or to arrange social or business etiquette and professional development services, please contact us.