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Through their formal education many of today’s college students (emerging professionals) acquire or attain impressive technical skills and outstanding resumes, but lack the interpersonal skills, social savvy, and practical, everyday workplace ethics and discipline necessary for professional growth and success. Skills are impressive but Manners are Memorable.

Colleges & UniversityEagles Wings Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) Series for college and university students focuses on helping students understand new-hire business etiquette and social savvy strategies as they prepare for job interviews and their first professional jobs after college. Through SELE™ workshops and seminars, students with limited formal work experience can successfully meet the career and professional development skills expected of today’s emerging professionals.



Here’s a sample of workshop topics suggested for college and university students:

  • Getting Ready to Get Ready – Things to Know Before the Job Search Process Begins
  • Interview Etiquette – From Start to Finish
  • Creating and Maintaining a Professional Image
  • Workplace Etiquette – Professionalism in the Workplace
  • Dining Etiquette –The Knife, The Fork and Beyond
  • Business & Social Etiquette – Make the Connection
  • Cultural Considerations – Sensitivity to All
  • The Etiquette of Technology and Social Media – Tech Savvy; It Goes Beyond the Text
  • Difficult and Challenging Situations – Maintaining Dignity in Difficult Situations

“Juliet’s work is effective in building student confidence when engaging in professional settings. Following one of her breakfast training sessions students expressed their appreciation for her coaching and stated that they felt more confident about social etiquette and how to conduct themselves in professional settings.”

“DD” – University of Saint Thomas

“The workshop was a lot of fun, positive and uplifting….the information was not only valuable, but also practical and applicable.”

“Student” – Mankato State University

Colleges and Universities Client List:

  • Bethel University
  • Hamline University
  • Mankato State University
  • National American University
  • Saint Cloud State University
  • University of Saint Thomas

Presentations, Workshops and Seminars can be tailored to meet your needs.

To learn more about our services or to arrange social or business etiquette and professional development services, please contact us.