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At Eagles Wings, we use the power of Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) as a springboard to personal and professional success.

What is Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™)?

TrevonWhen people hear the word “etiquette,” most immediately think dining, i.e. which fork and knife to use and whether to hold the “pinky” up when drinking tea. Yes, etiquette does include dining, and no, one need not hold their pinky up when drinking tea.

Etiquette is so much more than that—etiquette is about living in an orderly world, and showing consideration and respect for ourselves and others.

As Ms. J began to create this model for teaching etiquette, she discovered that etiquette alone did not fully define or address the scope of her focus. Further research and exploration led to Social Education; instruction on how to interact and socialize with others. Ms. J further describes Life Etiquette as how to “be,” that is, the appropriate behavior for any situation one may encounter in “life.”

Combining these two concepts, Ms. J has created a unique and innovative approach to teaching etiquette, the Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™) Series. SELE™ addresses the often unwritten social norms, as well as the formal, written business and social protocols that are often the missing links in many organizational training programs. SELE™ provides participants with active skill-sets for success in personal, professional and community life.

Through the SELE™ Series and other etiquette workshops and seminars, Ms. J’s message is simple: Manners Are Memorable. People remember what you say, what you do and how you behave. Behave badly and you may be dismissed (from a job, from your home, from school, or from the community); behave appropriately and you are invited to the table. Ms. J and her staff understand that an individual’s manners and behaviors often affect situational outcomes. Whether a college student or corporate executive, whether a person being released from a correctional facility or a fellow community member, SELE™ highlights the importance of etiquette (appropriate behavior and conduct) in all areas of life. SELE™ offers participants knowledge and information, tips, strategies and tools that benefits participants in numerous ways − interview preparation, positive and productive workplace relationships, and confidence in social situations. SELE™ gives participants knowledge, information and skills on how to “be” in any situation because Manners Are Memorable.

Eagles Wings, LLC’s SELE™ principles are integrated into three overarching goals for program participants:

  • Getting to Know You (Self)
  • Getting to Know Others
  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Our comprehensive consulting, training and facilitation services include customized workshops, seminars and full-scale training programs designed to reach diverse audiences.

To learn more about our services or to arrange social or business etiquette and professional development services, please contact us.