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How SELE™ Came To Be

In my previous message, I said I would share more about SELE™. What is Social Education & Life Etiquette and why should you care?

Please allow me share with you how I got started and how SELE came to be. Appropriate behavior, good manners, and home training was instilled in me and other family members from an early age. I give my credit to my great-grandmother for not letting us act “too common”.  Yes, those are the exact words.  We had to wash our hands before eating, wash our feet after running around outside barefoot; we could not lean back in a chair (unless it was a rocking chair); and we had to say grace before we ate. All adults were addressed by Mr. or Ms., and there was a “price to pay” for “misbehaving”. Those early teachings have remained with me.

Though the years, I have acquired formal knowledge of “etiquette” and appropriate behaviors.  My personal interests have lead me to read, research and explore “how to be” in any given situation.  To further support my interest and efforts, I also had the honor and privilege of completing the Emily Post Business Etiquette Business Institute (EPI) in Burlington, VT (Lovely city. I encourage you to put a visit to Burlington on your bucket list).

Through this blog, I bring to you the wisdom of my family, the knowledge and experience of the Emily Post Institute, and my personal wisdom, knowledge, experience and passion for “etiquette”.

I invite you to share your stories as well.  After all, etiquette may change but good manners never go out of style.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come.

Ms. J, Life Etiquette Expert

Manners Are Memorable