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Meet The ‘Etiquette’ Expert

Meet The ‘Etiquette’ Expert

On October 11, 2017, Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) met with Meet The Expert attendees at the James J Hill Center. Small business owners and entrepreneurs came with questions and received answers from entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. Fror her part, Ms. J offered business etiquette advice.

Participants expressed genuine interest in improving their own business and professional etiquette skills; however they also shared stories highlighting the lack of etiquette and civility not only in the workplace but in general society.

Here are some of their comments:

“Why don’t people know that they should clean up after themselves…deposit your trash in a waste bin and push your chair up after a meeting? So many ‘professional people’ just get up and leave after a meeting is over.”

Ms. J:  Unless it has been made clear that you should leave your refreshment items and someone will be cleaning up the room, it is common courtesy to deposit your waste.  Whether someone is cleaning up or not, take a few seconds to push your chair up to the table or at least straighten it before leaving the room.  The next time you are in a meeting, look around the room and see how disheveled it looks when people just get up and leave—not good professional etiquette.”

“If you don’t know what etiquette is, then you need this (Ms. J’s) training.”

Ms. J:  Etiquette is not a far-reaching, out-of-date term reserved for the elite or aristocrats from ages past.  Etiquette is alive and well.  I, along with my team of experienced professionals work with individuals as well as small and large groups offering seminars, workshops and full-scale etiquette training.  We help people to put their best foot forward in all situations. That’s why it’s called Life Etiquette™.

Please let us know how we can help to improve your professional development with business and social etiquette training—Personal Growth for Professional Success.  Even in business, Manners Are Memorable.