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Join us at Taking the Lead: Financials of a Business

Juliet Mitchell will be joining a panel at the James J Hill Center on August 10, 2017, focused on how to navigate the financials of your business.

These discussions “create a safe space where diverse voices can share their experience and perspective on women’s leadership challenges in the entrepreneurial community”.

  • Learn how to secure working capital
  • Understand contract management
  • Grow a business from one employee to many
  • Comprehend the language of finance

Program begins at 9AM and doors open at 8:30AM with a light breakfast served. 

MODERATOR: Junita Flowers

Panelist include:
Buffie Blesi – CEO & Founder, We Spark Growth
Juliet Mitchell –  CEO, Eagles Wings, LLC
Perla Mayo – Deputy Director of Lending, Neighborhood Development Center
Tsehay A. Legesse – Small Business Specialist, US Bank

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Women, Money and Resilience Meetup on November 13th

Join us at the Women, Money and Resilience Meetup on Monday November 13, 2017.  Juliet Mitchell will be the guest speaker for the evening and talk about why manners matter and how manners lead to success and resilience.

About Women, Money and Resilience

Imagine a simple and fulfilling lifestyle, healthy living for you and your loved ones. Learn ways you can build resilience in your body, thoughts and emotions. Through these monthly get-togethers in addition to our MeetUp page, we help you build resilience in all areas of your life. Resilience is many facets, from mindset and skills to strategies for building and protecting our health and our wealth. Enjoy refreshments and some healthy snacks. We’ll have connections and resources for all kinds of healing, care-giving, inspiration, and strategies to move forward. What’s your story? Come and share. Please join us, we know you will be blessed.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Sistas Rock! Retreat Welcomes Ms. J

The African American Breast Cancer Alliance (AABCA) was delighted to secure Ms. J, The Life Etiquette Expert as guest speaker for their annual retreat held the weekend of October 20, 2017.

 The two-and-a-half day retreat was to help women find joy, and experience life in the healthiest way possible after cancer diagnosis, treatments, challenge and lessons on survivorship.

 Ms. J’s workshop, Dine With Elegance, encouraged the women to create an elegant dining experience as a way to honor and indulge themselves with a delicious, delightful meal with elegant surroundings using their best dining etiquette and table manners.

 Focused on African American women diagnosed and treated with breast cancer, the Sistas Rock Mind, Body and Soul Wellness Retreat is open to women who have had cancer at any time in their lives. The retreat offers a fun, relaxed and safe event for women to learn and share.

 Ms. J joined fellow retreat speakers Natya Stroud, Nurse Practitioner; Renata Beaman, physical therapist specializing in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation; and Rosella Collins-Pouch, a licensed clinical social worker.

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Meet The ‘Etiquette’ Expert

On October 11, 2017, Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) met with Meet The Expert attendees at the James J Hill Center. Small business owners and entrepreneurs came with questions and received answers from entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. Fror her part, Ms. J offered business etiquette advice.

Participants expressed genuine interest in improving their own business and professional etiquette skills; however they also shared stories highlighting the lack of etiquette and civility not only in the workplace but in general society.

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Workplace Etiquette: Personal Growth for Professional Success

Life Etiquette Expert Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) gave an inspiring keynote speech for students and staff at Century College’s 2017 Student Success Day.  Following the speech, students stood in line to Ask Ms. J individual questions and shared with her how much her speech inspired them.

Following are a couple of excerpts from Ms. J’s message on Workplace Etiquette: Personal Growth for Professional Success:

Get to know YOU! Getting to know yourself will help you to determine how you are going to “show up” in the world.

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