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Workplace Etiquette: Personal Growth for Professional Success

Life Etiquette Expert Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) gave an inspiring keynote speech for students and staff at Century College’s 2017 Student Success Day.  Following the speech, students stood in line to Ask Ms. J individual questions and shared with her how much her speech inspired them.

Following are a couple of excerpts from Ms. J’s message on Workplace Etiquette: Personal Growth for Professional Success:

Get to know YOU! Getting to know yourself will help you to determine how you are going to “show up” in the world.

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Roommate Etiquette 1

As college students leave home to room on college campuses, and other young adults leave the “nest” to start life on their own, in their first apartment, it is likely that these young people will not be totally on their own.  Most likely their living arrangement will include a roommate, roommates, or even a family. Much consideration is needed for these living arrangements to be successful.  You know what I mean by successful, right?  Just for clarity, I mean that no one is under stress or duress, everyone feels respected and regarded, and at the end of each day, when everyone lays down to rest, they are still on speaking terms.

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Reunion Etiquette

About a year ago, my cousin informed me that my mother’s side of the family was having a family reunion. Because I had not had the opportunity to meet them, I felt much excitement and a little apprehension; I immediately said “I want to go.” I decided right then that I wanted to meet, hopefully connect with, and begin a relationship with these long-lost relatives. I later found out that I was the long-lost relative. That’s another story for another day; however, I am pleased to report that it was a delightful experience. I now have a whole new set of wonderful people (relatives) in my life.

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Meeting and Greeting

Hello Readers,

Are you comfortable and confident in meeting people for the first time?  What about if it’s the second or even the third time and you don’t recall their name?  What’s the proper thing to do?

Sometimes I sit back and observe how people approach each other, how they greet each other, and how they initiate conversation.

I observe facial expressions and body language. It does not matter whether a person is 6 years old or 60 years old, one can learn how to meet and greet with poise and confidence.  Allow me to share with you a couple of observations along with some tips that you easily incorporate into your introduction style, putting you in the comfort zone.

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How SELE™ Came To Be

In my previous message, I said I would share more about SELE™. What is Social Education & Life Etiquette and why should you care?

Please allow me share with you how I got started and how SELE came to be. Appropriate behavior, good manners, and home training was instilled in me and other family members from an early age. I give my credit to my great-grandmother for not letting us act “too common”.  Yes, those are the exact words.  We had to wash our hands before eating, wash our feet after running around outside barefoot; we could not lean back in a chair (unless it was a rocking chair); and we had to say grace before we ate. All adults were addressed by Mr. or Ms., and there was a “price to pay” for “misbehaving”. Those early teachings have remained with me.

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Introducing Life Etiquette

Have you ever experienced those moments of great motivation and inspiration; moments when the motivation and inspiration is so strong and the vision is so clear that you cannot contain yourself.  You have to do something about it.  I have experienced those moments many times over the years.  This is one of those moments.  I woke this morning around 4:15am with this message in my head.  I was strongly encouraged; no I was nudged to get up an write this blog.  You see, it’s about commitment.  I part of “etiquette” is about commitment; it’s about being who you say you are, which further translates to doing what you said you would do.  I have not done that.  I live and breathe “etiquette” if you will; it’s my passion.

Through this blog, I will share with you information, stories, and anecdotes, tips, tools, and strategies to help you navigate the world with class and grace.  As I learn and grow, so will you.

So, stay tuned.  There’s more to come.

Ms. J, Life Etiquette Expert

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